Who are we?

Sharepeeps are a small team located right by the train tracks at Nørrebro station. The masterminds behind Sharepeeps are Anders, Nikolaj and Daniel. The rest of the team consist of a backend developer/CTO and a communications intern. We are a small tight knit team that all have a passion for sustainability.


What is Sharepeeps?

Do you need to buy everything you need? Sometimes you just need something you do not have at home, why would you buy it if you can borrow it from your neighbour? We started this whole thing exactly because of this. We believe that sustainability should be easy and something we all can embrace. The creation of this app is meant as a tool for sustainability to be intergrated in our everyday lives.


Is Sharepeeps free?

Yes! Becoming a member and borrowing and lending stuff with your neighbors is completely free. This is one of our main ideas with this app. It should be free to be sustainable and this Sharepeeps it is!


What can you borrow, swap, lend or give away?

People borrow mostly stuff they only need occasionally such as a drill, party tent or pressure washer.


What are the conditions for membership?

Sharepeeps enables you to connect and share with your neighbors. There are no restrictions for memberships it’s all about giving life to your old things.